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Get to know some of the history of our producers


We went to visit our partner William Gomes and his family at the Santa Bárbara farm in the municipality of Sacramento. 🏡

We already knew the quality of their coffee but we were able to see firsthand how the magic happens there. The terraces are at an average altitude of 1200m, the crops with varieties such as IPR 103, Arara and Catuaí were beautiful and loaded. These are new crops and all harvesting is done manually. 

This visit was very special for us as we heard José Gomes and Dona Lúcia Neiva, William and Wellington's parents, talk about how the direct export of coffee made a difference in their lives. 🙌🏼

They went through many setbacks in coffee production and today seeing all the prosperity that coffee has brought is very exciting. 

For us at Flowins, it is a privilege to have partners like this! ✨


We went to follow a little of the harvest at Soledade Farm, owned by our partner William Franco, do you think of a beautiful place? 

The Farm is located in the city of Campestre - MG, between mountains and with a privileged altitude. Super special coffees are produced there, and the highlight goes to the peeled cherries that steal the show. 

Harvesting is still largely manual due to the slopes and the peeling process came at first as a facilitator of logistics and space, however  logo was increasingly improved and became a key point in production of specialty coffees. 🙌🏼

Márcio Custódio is a reference for us, always looking for solutions and always surprising us with wonderful coffees!

Crop care is constant at @fazendacetec.cafesespeciais and in the post harvest we always find something new, an experiment being tested! 

Márcio is super didactic and always shares his research and tests with us, he is an enthusiast of technology in coffee growing, and all farm lots are tracked in a computerized way as well as farm management, everything is managed by the Flowins App._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Cetec Farm is located in Itumirim - South of Minas Gerais and we are proud to have partners who share our aspirations in the search for ever more dynamic coffee growing! 💜💜


Fazenda Divisa is located in Oliveira-MG, who takes care of the property is our partner Thais Veloso Cougo Pimentel.

She brings a very interesting view of what she experiences in coffee farming, since most of her life she has been in classrooms as a teacher. 📚

Just like her father who, after retiring, devoted himself entirely to coffee growing, she also, after retiring, actually took on the task of being a coffee grower.

Today Thais has a well-trained team, @cacaveloso1 is his right arm. She invests in her employees, has partnerships that help in both handling and management, participates in the International Alliance of Coffee Women - IWCA and is always attentive to news from the world of coffee.

It is worth remembering that very special coffees are produced there that always surprise us with their quality and sensory complexity.

Luiza is always looking for ways to bring even more quality to her coffees. We went to see Fazenda Luzia up close and were delighted with such dedication and care.

In addition to all the handling and post-harvest work, they also have a tasting laboratory and a roasting facility, and that's where the best @guanabaracafe batches come from to be appreciated. Daniel is responsible for the roasts, Luiza's husband, who does an incredible job there.

The farm has a lot of history, it all started with his grandfather, Seu Enio, who is happy to see the legacy he built continuing.

Today they manage the Farm, uniting generations around coffee growing, bringing the balance between the experience of those who have always been in the field with the restlessness of those who are coming to add.
Success for you and always count on Flowins as a partner! 💜🙌🏼😁


We visited Sitio Paraíso in Ribeirão Corrente and we were delighted!
We talked a lot, but hearing Seu Dejaime and Dona Lurdes tell how everything started there was very moving.

They told us that when they got married they had a horse, money to buy a refrigerator, and a little piece of land to live in, but then they decided to sell the horse, they combined it with the money from the refrigerator and planted 3 thousand coffee trees! A beginning of a lot of struggle and perseverance!!!
Today, with their three children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren, they live, work and thrive on the farm and in the production of specialty coffees.

We went to visit the Engenho Farm of the family of our beloved partner Tchedo, @tchedo who has been with us since the beginning of Flowins.

Tchedo, in addition to being a partner producer, is an agronomist. He graduated in 2011 at UFLA, and since then he has been in charge of the property.

The Farm is a legacy of the Rodrigues family, it has a lot of history and the headquarters date back to 1908. A beautiful mansion that gives the farm a whole charm. 🏡

The Yellow Bourbon produced there is one of the darlings of our Mountain Coffee partners. @_mountaincoffee

There is great care for the environment and the farm has an extensive preservation area with lots of native forest and water!

It was very rewarding to see all of Tchedo's effort and dedication taking care of the legacy left by his father!

And as nothing is built alone, he has the support of Mother Jaqueline and the brothers Monique and André who entrust him with the management of the Farm.


Fazenda Santa Edwirges is located in Três Pontas, south of Minas Gerais.
A beautiful place, with landscapes that fill your eyes!
There he already had a bit of everything, creations, retreat, quarry and other crops. But today, coffee is the protagonist.
Francisco Andrade better known as Xiko is in charge of the Farm, unlike his sisters and brothers who had other careers outside the field, he always wanted this path and was always there beside his father Seu Benetido his mother Dona Mercedes.

Today, together with Ivan (his son who is an agronomist and by the way is a great Flowins partner), his wife Marisi, their daughter Isabela and some employees who have been there for years, they manage, manage and take care of the Farm.
It is also a refuge for grandchildren, family and friends who feel the affection and care that exists there in that environment.
Oh! We cannot fail to mention that Xiko is an excellent mechanic, invents solutions for everything, fixes and creates all the time, neighbors are always looking for his ideas and suggestions, and the workshop becomes one of his favorite places!

Rancho Novo Farm is located in Bom Sucesso - MG in the Campo das Vertentes region, a beautiful and very suitable place for the production of specialty coffees. 🍒

Dalyse's father, Delson Canstanheira (in memoria) started building the farm in 1987 from scratch, forming each crop step by step.

Dalyse told us that she was always curious about everything her father did, studied agronomic engineering and made her academic career a link with coffee growing.
Mother Cleia and brother Delsinho are dentists, but today they are increasingly close in running the farm.
Coffee means many things, and in this family its name is love.
It was very moving to see the affection they have with that place and the connection that exists there.


Tapera do Baú Farm is located in Boa Esperança - South of Minas Gerais 💜

The property belongs to Ricardo's family, who is Luiza's stepfather and has been dedicated to the farm for 25 years.

Luíza is a great partner of Flowins, she works on several fronts, she is an agronomist, academic, consultant, teacher, she is one of the founders of the platform for courses and studies on coffee growing Knowledge Agro, she is a mother, and together with Ricardo they run the farm 🏡

Most of the crops are of the Mundo Novo variety, but there is a new crop from CatuaÍ planted in 2020.
The view from the farm is beautiful, a privileged region.

They told us that the farm has always produced quality coffee, even before they had paved terraces for drying, but that it was 2020 that the key to special coffee became their priority, and since then the focus on quality has been a priority.

Oh! And they are killing it, they won contests and in one of them they took first and third place, with coffees scoring above 89 points. 🏅

For us at Flowins, it is an immense pride to have people like them on our side.

Co-founder of Flowins and a coffee producer, she manages the farm that belonged to her grandparents and which today is the Flowins experimental farm. With the aim of sharing the challenges in production and with the unconditional help of his family, it was possible to bring this connection between coffee production and entrepreneurship.

The Experimental Farm produces incredible coffees and focuses on the sustainable management of crops, with primary care for the soil, vegetation and water, the Farm today has an area of ​​40ha planted where 2ha are agroforestry and 38ha are regenerative, with the use of cover crops and ecological mowing system the main objective is to keep the soil covered, moisture for the roots and life to guarantee an efficient and environmentally friendly productive system.

The Farm today has a range of varieties such as Mundo Novo, Catuaí Vermelho, Catuaí Amarelo, Topázio, Rubi, Arara, Catucaí 2SL, Icatu and Paraíso MG2.

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