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Connecting coffee universe, from tree to cup!

Producers who seek total knowledge of their coffee, awareness of their processes, help in decision-making and direct sales with transparency

Buyers with access to more producers and coffees "on demand" with greater efficiency. Sustainable, tracked and direct from the producer

Understand a little about Flowins


Connecting with coffee producers in an efficient,

transparent and sustainable way,

humanized focus with

technological experience!

Discover the real quality of each batch produced

We have a quality laboratory with calibrated Q-graders and state-of-the-art equipment ready to receive all your samples.


Shipping is very easy through our Application and the samples are already automatically coded, so we guarantee a neutral digital report of commercial interests so that you have, IN FACT, total clarity of the real quality of your coffee.

Produtor com total controle do seu café

Gerencie a rastreabilidade dos seus lotes produzidos

Descubra a real qualidade de cada lote produzido

Através do nosso aplicativo você consegue:

  • Gerenciar a rastreabilidade dos seus lotes produzidos

  • Enviar seus cafés para receber laudos em nosso laboratório

  • Enviar seus cafés para o armazém parceiro

  • Acompanhar seus lotes armazenados

  • Autorizar preço mínimo de venda

  • Acompanhar os status de cada negociação

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Envie seus cafés para receber laudos em nosso laboratório

Envie seus cafés para o armazém parceiro

Acompanhar seus lotes armazenados

Autorizar preço mínimo de venda

E vários outros recursos...




Discover the history of our producersClick here!

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App Flowins

Everything the coffee grower needs to have control over his coffee

Unlimited physical and sensory analysis

Made by calibrated Q-grader team

Direct trade

Direct marketing with importers, roasters, coffee shops, etc...

Service channel with post-harvest and commercial specialist

Expert team to solve your problems

Service and support channel

Team ready to add knowledge

Coffee Market News

Get everything first hand

Traceability and online management

Intuitive software built from producer to producer

Sales to the main trading companies in Brazil

We work in contact with the main Multinational Trading Companies in Brazil

Access to Custom MKT material

*Understand more clicking here

Flowins +
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Success Stories

Marcio Custódio

Specialist producer of static dryers.

Raquel Joane

He took over his father's property and exported his coffees directly.

Aline Codo

Returned from São Paulo to manage the property as a company.

Alexander Szot

Professional volleyball player and runs the farm digitally with his father.

Our story

It all starts with the land...
We were born in coffee. We are constantly evolving, bringing more and more transparency and building a network of trust through technology for coffee and its consumers.

  • Is Flowins an online coop?
    To tell you the truth, we never thought of labeling Flowins like that, but if we think about the real meaning of the word cooperate, I think we can put ourselves this way: we are a technology-based company, better known as a Startup that has the purpose of bringing autonomy and knowledge for coffee producers, in addition to bringing support for decision-making through technology and information from producer to producer.
  • Does Flowins have its own warehouse?
    We don't have our own warehouse, one of the main lines we work on is to share efforts and create a partnership where everyone wins, so we don't think it's necessary to have our own warehouses, but to partner with safe and reliable warehouses that the producer has like focus! You can find the list of partner warehouses within our app.
  • How does Flowins make money?
    We are remunerated through reports purchased in our app, commission from buyers who help us sell bags, and monthly fees from Flowins+ producers, an exclusive program for producers who want to improve their way of producing coffee!
  • Why did we decide not to charge for the Flowins Manager Software (traceability and management)?
    We believe that knowledge should be the basis for producers to have better conditions in the production and marketing of their coffees, and therefore, nothing fairer than providing the tool for them to start doing this for free.
  • What do I gain by being Flowins+?
    Flowins+ producers have an exclusive follow-up from our team of specialists all year round, in addition to having unlimited access to our testing laboratory, they gain knowledge of the quality of all their production. In addition, we help them find the best market, both directly with Brazilian coffee shops and roasters and with importers and foreign coffee shops.
  • Does Flowins buy coffee?
    We don't buy coffee, we just direct the producer to the ideal buyer through our app nationally and through Flowins+ internationally.
  • How does Flowins help sell my coffee?
    We help you understand your quality and then direct you to the ideal market, we do this through our application nationally and for direct sales with Brazilian coffee shops and roasters and abroad we help you through the Flowins+ program.
  • How does Direct Trade for Flowins+ partners work?
    Flowins+ partner producers have unlimited access to our tasting laboratory, which implies knowing exactly the quality produced on their property, and with that in hand, we work with roasting and coffee shops both in Brazil and abroad, and how we organize the logistics? As soon as our laboratory identifies a quality that can fit the demands of Direct Trade, our team calls the producer and tells him to send the bags to our partner warehouse, from there we do all the batch preparation and stuff the container. The producer does not need to have a radar, the entire process is done through Flowins and the value of the bags traded is directly credited to the producer's account!



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